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The juxtaposition of sandy hair and dark skin made him a very coveted piece of boy-candy in my tight knit circle of teen Hollywood transplants. He reached over, grabbed the tissue box lying conveniently next to his bed, and wiped the entirety of his dick down, little bits of white paper getting caught in my vomit. It was animalistic. I uncharacteristically took the lead, with a newfound confidence. In my limited experience with men, I learned they will never stop you from giving them a blowjob to have sex. Maybe he had a thing for wild juxtaposition too. Just saying.

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It wasn't the subtle sexy gag you see when girls "deep throat" men in pornos. But for some inexplicable reason, I started laughing. So imagine your dick is cat hair. It was a hysterical, high-pitched, frenetic laugh. For a long time, giving oral sex—all that motion! Get it together, Z.

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