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This is the best idea you came up with. Bubbles took a hint from feeling Buttercup's hand above her crotch, so she spread her legs apart with her feet planted on the table, allowing Buttercup to rub her vaginal area as they continued kissing. Bubbles did her best to diminish her moaning voice, which was a bit difficult for her, considering that her voice was the most high pitched out of the three girls. Your review has been posted. After five minutes, Blossom and Buttercup stopped as their leader had a crazy new idea.

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Bubbles arched her back and moaned, feeling her sisters suck on her breasts and licking her stiff nipples.

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See you later. They pulled them up by the rims. Buttercup turned to her sisters and had a hand up to her chin, with the other hand supporting her elbow. Blossom and Buttercup enjoyed hearing and seeing Bubbles relishing in pleasure and desire as they continued to pleasure their beloved sister. After they finished their breakfast, Bubbles rubbed her stomach, saying "Mmm!

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