We Decided to Get an Air Conditioning Unit

When my wife and I first moved to the old house we purchased on the outskirts of the Big Apple, we thought we would be okay without having an air conditioner. We were looking forward to opening up the windows and letting the summer breeze come through the house. Well, reality was quite different than our fantasy, and we realized pretty fast that we needed to find someone who does air conditioner installation in NYC. We debated on whether to get a handyman to do it or if we should go with an HVAC company, since that is their only job.

After going back and forth, we finally decided to hire a company that strictly does HVAC work. We figured that we may pay more, but we would also have a warranty that would not come with a handyman’s work. While it was good to have the actual air conditioning unit under warranty, we had learned our lesson about having the person’s work under warranty too throughout different projects with our new home. Continue reading “We Decided to Get an Air Conditioning Unit”

Making Choices for Ultralight Backpacking

One mistake new hikers make is carrying too much gear. Every item you add increases the weight you need to carry. Experienced hikers go for ultralight backpacking to more enjoy the adventure than carrying heavy stuff. You cannot even pack enough water for more than a day’s hike. A gallon weighs eight pounds, and you need at least two per day for hydration, cooking and hygiene. A better choice is mapping water sources on your hike and bringing a filter and chemical treatment options. Packing too much stuff, or packing the wrong stuff, will have you carrying an 80 pound pack. Continue reading “Making Choices for Ultralight Backpacking”

A Pay Stub Generator with Miscellaneous Deductions Too

When my wife asked me if I could find a paystub maker online to make her life easier, I asked her what she needed with it. I knew that there were probably dozens of different ones that all have different features, so I wanted to make sure that I got her the one that she needed the first time. She said she wanted a basic one that would figure out the taxes that she would need to withhold, and that she also wanted one that could hold out miscellaneous charges if one of her workers had to charge something.

My wife would give away our store if she was able to, as she is always trying to help people in need. Continue reading “A Pay Stub Generator with Miscellaneous Deductions Too”

Take car warranty insurance to the next level with Click4warranty

When it comes to buying car insurance, you will find many companies that offer the product. But settling for the right car insurance product and most importantly, the right level of coverage is crucial. Since car/vehicle is a depreciating asset, safeguarding it against damages, breakdown, and theft is important. But how will you know which car insurance policy will work best for you? There are very few such companies that will give you the true picture of your requirements. This is because being commercial; they will want to sell their policies even if you do not require that level of insurance for your car. However, this is not the case with click4 warranty. Time and again and over the years, people/car owners and policy owners have unanimously applauded the approach of this particular car insurance company. This company has the reputation of-

  • Guiding their clients properly and selling the product that is actually required by the clients and not selling policies that are of no use to the car owners but they end up paying more for the same.
  • Assisting car owners in deciding which policy will work best for their needs
  • Offering 3 levels of car insurance
  • Offering extended and used car warranties
  • They have an excellent track record from the previous years
  • They are regulated by the FSA or the Financial Services Authority
  • The policies offered do not burn holes in pockets of clients and are affordable
  • The terms and conditions of the policies sold are clear without any hidden clauses or restrictions
  • The click 4 warranty experts also extend their assistance to clients over the telephone. So you don’t have to stir out of your home but you will be able to manage the car insurance policies and car warranty policies from the comfort of your home or office.
  • The coverage of the policies is extensive, which also includes Day one cover apart from wear and tear

As such, if you are buying car warranty and car insurance policies from click 4 warranty, you are assured of services much better than its counterparts operating in the car insurance market in the United Kingdom.

Why car warranty makes sense?

If you are the owner of a car, you must be well aware of the expenses you might have to incur on damages and repair work if you were not equipped with the right level of car insurance policy. The performance of a car is not predictable most of the times. As such, if you had a smooth drive on the roads in the morning, you cannot be assured that the same will be the case in the evening. So, if there is a sudden breakdown, you are  at a loss. So, in the event if there is any mechanical or electrical failure in performance of your vehicle, you might have to shell out thousands of pounds overnight. But if you have a car warranty, you can be at peace as you know you have a coverage that will aid you financially when your car breaks down.

Items you cannot send in a parcel to USA by international courier.

P1Every international courier has a list of prohibited items that it will not transport to specific Countries.  The term prohibited mean banned entirely by the carrier for a specific Country.

This may be because the destination has made the importation of such items illegal, or that they require special careful handling that the international courier may not offer, for example moving dangerous goods such as ammunition.

When mainstream couriers will not accept prohibited items you may still be able to source a specialist international courier who will move for example a parcel to USA containing hazardous goods.  There will be additional packaging, labels and security that may be done and of course the cost of moving items on specialist services is higher.

The list of items that can be sent by courier domestically is different to the list of items that can be imported into the USA.  The domestic list is smaller as it does not include items that are prohibited by the government for economic or safety reasons. Let us take a look at the common items you cannot ship to the US.

You cannot mail or ship airbags, ammunition, explosive and gasoline. You cannot mail such items within the US or to the US. If you are sending something to the US from another country, then you cannot mail aerosols, air bags, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, cigarettes, dry ice, explosives, fresh fruits or vegetables, gasoline, nail polish, perfumes that contain alcohol and poison. These are prohibited items that cannot be sent to the US under any circumstances.

Other items which may be accepted but only with special services include glues, live animals, prescription drugs, cremated remains, firearms, lithium batteries, matches, paint, perishable items, fragile objects, cigars, tobacco products (including smokeless cigarettes),some  medical devices and any inflammable items. For any bulk transport of any particular item, the sender needs to be a registered exporter and there should be an importer. Regardless of what is being sent to the US, there are appropriate taxes or customs duties to be paid. Depending on the nature of material or the kind of item being shipped, there could be excise duties as well.

When a shipment arrives at the boarder the contents are declared to the local govern tax department who will review the contents, reason for shipping and declared value for your goods. Based on this information duty and taxes may be charged. It is a good idea to get the commodity code for your contents and then check with the USA customs departments if the goods in your parcel to USA is dutiable or not and if it is at what rate to avoid any nasty surprises. All major carriers will list restricted items by Country on their websites for you to check, so there is no reason to have any surprises about what they will carry or if it is dutiable.

Working on a Little Real Estate Project

I have started to work on this plan that I got after driving around the areas near the campus of UNCG. Like any other person the college students need places to stay obviously and there are a lot of people who rent rooms and have built apartments on their property in the area. I found a good piece of land with a run down house on it. Unlike most of the lots in the area there is well over an acre of land here, so I decided to work on marketing apartment ideas for the place. It seems like a really slam dunk idea from the way that I understand the market for apartments in this area. There are not enough of them. The bus stops right in front of this place, which is great. You can not find a place to park any place near UNCG. Some of the people I have spoke to say that you have to park a few miles from the campus at one of the shuttle lots. Continue reading “Working on a Little Real Estate Project”

Five tips on setting up an online business


The domain name you pick becomes the identity for your brand.So, it is important that you go for one that is short and easy to remember. The names that are too long or ones with conjunctions like `and’ have low recall value.

Suitable Platform

The platform you choose depends largely on the number of products you intend to sell.For a limited number, a basic website can be created using HTML or other content management systems. You can add pages as per your needs.

Payment Mechanism

Set up a secure payment mechanism, via banks or third-party services. Banks offer competitive rates for high-volume business.Third-party services charge lower start-up fees for small businesses, but their transaction fees are higher.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions define the rights of both the buyer and the website. Ideally, these should contain information on access to your website, description of goods and disclaimers regarding your liability.Have clauses dedicated to IP infringement.

Marketing the Website

Don’t spam with bulk emails. A good way of marketing your website is to actively use the social media like Facebook & Twitter. You can also rely on traditional marketing techniques, such as asking family and friends to promote the business.

After grocery now fish markets go online


AHMEDABAD: Next time if you are planning to buy prawns, shrimps, freshwater fish, shellfish, local or any other exotic fish varieties, you need not visit your traditional stinky fish markets, rather pickup your computer mouse to click and visit e-fish markets. There is a steady rise of e-commerce fish market place that have gained momentum with the rise of e-grocery and advent of new cost-effective freezing technology.

After being repeatedly disappointed with personal seafood experiences, Pune-based couple Bijal Patel and his wife decided to set things right. After selling off their 12-year-old software technology company, they started online fish selling venture -fishvish.com that delivers fresh fish at the door steps.

Started in 2013, they realised that it has a tremendous potential in the online fish business segment as more and more people are willing to pay for quality and va riety products with convenience of home delivery and the surety of a “brand”, the sky was the limit. “The growth of e-grocery has further boosted the acceptability of online fish sale,” says Bijal Patel, cor founder of Fishvish. l Similarly , Santosh Bendkhale, an engineer and entrepreneur, along with other four engineer friends, started mumbaifish.com in 2013. From day one, he had enough traction to sustain this untested business model in India. “Last year our growth rate was almost 100 per cent,” says Bendkhale adding that their margin is around 21.6 per cent and has 44 per cent repetitive customers.

Mumbaifish now plans to move beyond Mumbai and then it would use IQF technology to freeze fish. Currently , it sales to retail customers (home delivery) and also supplies to other e-grocery players in Mumbai.

Atama Ram, 50, from Goa, left his home furnishing business to start e-fish delivery business in Goa. “This concept was the result of reading about flipkart and snapdeal,” says Ram, founder of freshfishgoa.com. “Been a perishable commodity , it has to be sold immediately and here online business play an important role in penetrating the market. Currently it’s in nascent stage but shown phenomenal growth of 30 per cent month-onmonth basis for us,” says Ram.

“Been a perishable commodity, it has to be sold immediately, and here online business plays an important role in penetrating the market. Currently, it’s at a nascent stage, but has shown phenomenal growth of 30% month-on-month basis for us,” Ram said.

Experts say there are two factors supporting the growth of e-fish market start-ups—one is the growth and acceptability of the concept of buying grocery via internet that has led people also accept (even on experiential basis) of ordering fish. The other is the use of IQF technology, which scores over the traditional ice-block technology.

“The major disadvantages of block freezing is that the fish/seafood loses its (taste and smell) identity and the consumer is forced to buy the product in bulk,” said Chirag Dagli, an ecommerce consultant at eCUMEN. Dagli has worked and developed an ecommerce platform for fish sellers.

Fishvish and freshfishgoa use IQF technology, where each piece is individually glazed with a thin layer of water and quickly frozen down to minus 40 degree centigrade. The water forms an ice skin on the seafood (fish) and protects it from the air. Packaging is food grade poly-bags in 1/2kg to 1 kg weights.

Cashback The new mantra for online business to attract customers


BENGALURU: Aditya Chidurala, a real estate manager based in Mumbai, was ordering lunch through restaurant aggregator TinyOwl for the first time, paying through his Paytm mobile wallet. For his Rs 150 meal, he received cashbacks from both TinyOwl and Paytm, effectively earning him Rs 77.

“Most people aren’t too attached to a brand, so they are going to shop wherever they get cashback,” he told ET. “I don’t know how long the companies can sustain this kind of programme, but from a customer point of view, it couldn’t be better.”

Chidurala is a beneficiary of the growing cashback trend in what was otherwise an industry fueled by deep discounting. In this scenario, customers are not directly saving money as they would in the case of discounts; they are saving for their next purchase on the same site. The concept of cashback is far from new, having been embraced by credit card loyalty programmes and, more recently, being used extensively by taxi aggregators when the market was maturing over the last year. Now cashbacks are being used by mobile wallets PayU, MobiKwik, and Paytm, as well as food aggregators and ecommerce companies to “gain currency” with customers.

“Cashback programmes are run to incentivize new customer acquisition or to increase the frequency of transaction among existing customers,” said Shankar Nath, senior vice-president of One97 Communications, the parent company of Paytm. For the payment wallet company that is expanding to ecommerce, cashback promotions bump up mobile recharge orders by 15-20%, and can more than double ecommerce sales.

“The best part is that the customer may do any transaction with our 18,000 merchants afterwards,” Nath added. TinyOwl’s cashbacks work on a similar principle — customers are free to use the balance at any restaurant of their choice on their next order.

It is driven by customer demand as well, said Sameer Grover, founder and CEO of Crown It, which gives an online cashback to customers for their offline purchases. “I was running a small loyalty company that did not work out, so I went to a cafe to interview some consumers. One guy told me, if you give me a free cashback, I would use your service,” he said.

On the other hand, “If a company is trying to take off a platform or a store, the strategy works quite well to gain initial traction and convince investors of the company’s potential,” said Jonnalagedda.

Online Loan is the solutions if you have a bad credit

At times, financial problems become the problems often experienced by most people. Applying for these loans is one solution that is often used. The important thing to underline before applying for the loan is your credit history. If you include people with a good credit score, then you do not have to worry when making loans. But if you include people with a bad credit score, then you will have difficult in applying for loans. Bad credit score greatly influence the bank’s decision to want or not to lend money for you. A bad credit score will make the bank feel doubts and do not believe to process your loan. So what if this happens? do not worry, the development of advanced technologies that would simplify everything. including money loans, even for those who have a bad credit score. the solution is to online loan. Many sites online money lender who will be happy to give you a loan. One of them is badcreditloans-guaranteed.com. it’s the best online loan than other, if you don’t believe it. let’s to check it first to know the requirement to borrowing money.

Loans money online is indeed going to facilitate you. In addition to more practical, quick process, as well as the requirements more easily than in a bank loan application. Largest online cash loans, willing to lend money to you who have a bad credit score. Online loan comes as a new step in filing a petition for nominal loans in particular. The main focus of these loans were in a race on a particular agency operating in via online anyway. This condition their providers and the applicant will interact only indirectly. Even so, communication is also capable of printing any credible commitment. Until both parties will equally mutual trust on an agreement approved earlier. By service providers usually have rules on certain policies at the same time. Rows of rules itself also must be known by the prospective applicant before the start of filing. From these policies will have to be approved if wanted to apply for a loan. This approval was the key one where you can obtain the initial submission approved. Here the advantage if you choose online loan :

  1. Loans can be earmarked for financing any appropriate without being limited.
  2. The submission process is easy because enough with internet access alone.
  3. Also flexible loan applications that can be filed anytime and anywhere.
  4. There are many requirements that generally relatively easy.
  5. Nominal loans with the amount of variety.
  6. More save your time

Then, If you choose online loan, you should be more cautious. There are several sites that cheat. so you should be more cautious. If you have trouble finding reliable online money lending sites, then badcreditloans-guaranteed.com is the best choice for you. Providing the best service and fast process. Reliable in providing the loan that you need. Reliable service and customer satisfaction is the top priority. Do not hesitate anymore , the guarantee that you will certainly be satisfied. Immediately contact and get a loan now.

How to Design an Exhibition Banner for Your Business

howTrade fairs and exhibitions are an ideal way to promote your business and reach even more potential customers. One of the best ways to get your business noticed in a large exhibition venue is to have an outstanding exhibition banner that will attract the attention of attendees and clearly signposts where your business is located within the exhibition hall.

When it comes to designing a banner for an exhibition, it pays to consider some key factors such as the venue layout, background, and other competitors that will be present.

Venue layout

How big is the venue? This is important because you don’t want to your banner to be lost in a huge hall. Your banner has to be big enough so that it’s not overwhelmed by the surroundings. Likewise, if it’s a small venue you don’t want to be struggling with an unyieldingly large banner.

If the venue is a large hall, then consider either a four-sided banner suspended from the ceiling for extra appeal or a tall vertically suspended banner to catch the attention of attendees. Being visible is critical so take the size and layout of the venue into account when deciding on the design and orientation of the banner.


What is the background against which the banner will be displayed? You need to make sure that your banner stands out – so choosing a colour scheme that contrasts with the surroundings will help make your banner even more visible than one that simply blends in with the surrounding background. If the venue is predominantly light – think dark background for your banner, and if the venue is dark – think light background, to ensure maximum contrast and visibility.




If you’ve done your market research correctly then you should have a good idea of the other companies (your competitors) who will also be attending the trade fair or expo. This should also give you an idea of the banners and promotional materials that they might be planning to deploy at the event. Try to come up with something that is different from what you have seen them use in the past or at least differentiate your colour scheme from those used on competitors’ websites and promotional materials to ensure that your presence at the event is distinct.

The choice of design, layout and materials for exhibition banners is almost limitless. It pays to work with a banner printing company that has plenty of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality exhibition banners to ensure you end up with a banner that you can be proud of, and will be able to use for years to come at other trade shows or exhibition events.

Information Crucial For Business Success!

In the information age, business enterprises need to make effective use of the information that such enterprises generate internally and get from the competitive business environment in which they operates to survive in such a competitive market. Similarly, by effectively harnessing the power of such information, these business enterprises are able surge ahead of their competitors in a competitive market environment. Unfortunately, unless entrepreneurs are able to implement effective business intelligence strategies and tools to accumulate, organize, analyze, evaluate and interpret relevant information that the business enterprise generates and get from its environment, they fall into oblivion. This is the reason why it is imperative for all entrepreneurs of small business enterprises to adopt effective business intelligence strategies and tools.

According to Charles Phillips –the CEO of Infor, many entrepreneurs of small and medium business enterprises are slow to adapt and implement business intelligence strategies, software and tools for various reasons. The primary reason why such entrepreneurs are slow at adapting and implementing such strategies is ignorance about what business intelligence exactly is. The Infor CEO says, such entrepreneurs are also under the false assumption that such business intelligence strategies can result in time-wasting reviews and there are doubts in the minds of such entrepreneurs on how they can benefit from implementing business intelligence strategies, software and tools.

This prominent business intelligence specialist refers to business intelligence as prompt, accurate, high-value and actionable business insights along with the work processes and technologies that such entrepreneurs need to employ to obtain such insights. Contrary to popular believe, entrepreneurs of small and medium business enterprises can also exploit the advantages 0f business intelligence strategies, software and tools in the same manner as corporate enterprises in the large-scale market segments do. He emphasizes that the main advantages of business intelligence strategies, software and tools for such entrepreneurs are as follows:

  1. Enhances productivity

With the aid to business intelligence software and tools, it is possible for entrepreneurs of small business enterprises to accumulate, organize, analyze, evaluate business information with a short time and create necessary reports to monitor of the progress of the enterprise.

  1. Results closer to established goals

Business intelligence strategies and tools helps an entrepreneur to evaluate the relative profitability of various ventures or projects so ensure that he/she does not utilizes the business resources in wasteful ventures.

  1. Improves visibility

Business intelligence strategies enable an entrepreneur to gain greater control over various processes within his/her business enterprise. Business intelligence enhances the visibility of such processes and identifies areas that need improvement.

  1. Return on investments (ROI)

Through enhanced strategic awareness, better financial reporting, significant reduction in operating costs and reduction in overheads, business intelligence strategies can influence a business enterprise’s return of investments.

  1. Turn data into actionable information

Business intelligence strategies are analytical tools that can give an entrepreneur a better insight into the necessary strategies that he/she needs to implement to make their business enterprise more successful. Business intelligence strategies are able to do this by identifying key patterns and trends from the business enterprise’s data.

Infor CEO Charles Phillips says that successful implementation of the business intelligence strategies enable an entrepreneur to realize these five advantages.


Your Top Three Options when it Comes to Managing Your Payroll

Your job as a manager or business owner encompasses many duties, one of the most obvious being the task of paying your employees and managing payroll in a correct and efficient manner. Unfortunately this isn’t always as easy as it seems. For one, it takes a lot of time and energy to ensure everything is done correctly. For another, it’s often confusing and mistakes are easily made. Add to that the fact that rules and regulations often change and you constantly need to stay updated regarding the new details of the law, and you understand why it can be a frustrating job at times. Still, there’s some good news out there. Here are your top three options when it comes to managing your payroll.

Payroll the traditional way

In theory, you can still do your payroll accounting the traditional way: by hand. Yes, it’s labourious and not the best way of doing things, considering there are many other tools around to make things easier for you – but it’s possible. You will, however, need technology to ensure you stay up-to-date with tax changes that are usually submitted online.

j1There’s software available

Automation is key – it allows you to do what you would normally do by hand quickly and with less mistakes. The good news is that it’s not expensive (you can get it off the shelf for as little as £200) and most software is very easy to learn and use. This software does not just help you calculate everything automatically, it also allows you to submit your forms and reports online to the HMRC. It’s a great solution for those who insist on doing it themselves – but in a more efficient way.

Outsourcing payroll management

For those who are struggling with payroll management tasks, outsourcing payroll management to professional payroll companies is often a wonderful alternative; not only does it liberate them of the laborious and meticulous task of accounting and applications of taxation law, it frees up valuable time so they can focus on other – often urgent – business concerns.

Whatever you choose to do, or whatever method you opt to apply, it’s worth noting that things have gotten a little more complicated in recent times – whilst you were only obligated to report to the tax man once a year before, HMRC now requires you to submit returns online ‘in real time’ every time you pay your employees. This may seem quite convenient for the tax man, but often creates a hassle and a lot of stress if you’re not very fluent in payroll language. Luckily there is professional help available – if you feel that the task of payroll management is a source of too much headache, it may be a good idea to hire the experts.

A Few Guidelines on Financial Investment by a Distinguished Financial Advisor.

Wealth is needed for you to buy all the things you desire yet it can never equate happiness. Wealth management and financial planning are the two most vital things to start off early in life. Investment advisor is an individual or professional firm that advises clients on various matters of investment. They may manage pension funds, trust funds and personal investments like mutual and stocks funds on behalf of their customer. These investment or financial planners also offer investment help and advice to clients with taxes, savings, insurance, retirement and estate planning.

If you have not started to think about wealth management and financial planning, it is high time you start doing so with the help of a trusted and credible financial advisor like Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch.

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch is a well-known and reputed figure in the financial market in the USA. When it comes to saving for the future, many businesses and people come to him on a regular basis to get investment advice and tips. He also understands that there are some people who do not have any idea of the financial market at all as they are investing for the first time. When it comes to the financial and investment market, you will find that at times the choice may become very confusing as there are several options available in the market. Therefore, you should be cautious and ask an experienced, skilled professional who will understand how an investment plan works out for you and what your individual profile is.

According to Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch, when it comes to financial planning, it is very significant for you to assess your risk tolerance levels. This is what you should be cautious and careful of as all investors do not have the same levels of risk tolerance. With the aid of a skilled and experienced financial advisor you will be able to determine the levels of your risk tolerance. You are able to get the returns on investment that you have always been looking for in this manner. You will also be secure for the future with this knowledge and do not have to spend several nights, sleepless, worrying about your funds.

It is also very important for you to be aware of what your financial expectations and needs are because your investment plan should be based on it. You will be able to build a very strong financial future for you and your family with the aid of the right investment plan. The same also applies for a company and business. On the basis of this, it is significant for the business to know what their individual needs is and, you hence you will be able to effectively reap consistent returns on your investment.

In the USA, Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch is a reputed and credible name and for this knowledge of the investment and financial market, he is widely sought after. He will give you investment options that meet and match your needs after carefully scrutinizing your investment portfolio unlike others. In this manner, you are able to accumulate wealth in the short and long run and establish a financial future too.

Software testing trends to look out for in the next 12 months

We are living in a digital era; therefore, it is no surprises that technology, and software in particular, is constantly evolving. Software testing plays a pinnacle role in the end product that customers utilise today, meaning that keeping up to date with the latest software languages and technology skills is extremely important.


Image Credit

Testing is becoming more automated and companies will see the value of test automation, particularly with the easy availability of open source software tools such as SoapUI. These tools will enable testers to build tough and effective testing environments, which it is thought will be a necessity over the next few years.

What are the key trends over the coming year?

Mobile applications

Mobile technology is on the rise and apps are being developed not only for gaming but also for almost every purpose, including for health benefits. According to the Daily Mail, mobile applications are now being used to treat serious health problems and are being embraced as the latest technology to contribute towards more efficient healthcare in the years to come.

This will significantly increase demand for mobile application testers as the need for compatibility testing on all devices grows.

Crowdsourced software testing

More web and development software companies are outsourcing their testing to a crowdsourced software testing service, which can quickly bring together experienced software testers from all over the world. Organisations such as https://www.bugfinders.com/true-crowdsourced-testing/ can offer a professional testing community of widespread software testers at a fraction of the cost of creating an in-house software testing environment.

The advantage of outsourcing is that apps and software can be released quickly, having been thoroughly tested by professionals who are geographically diverse and available at short notice.

Agile approach

To speed up the delivery of the end product, more software organisations are creating collaborated development environments and bringing together testers and developers. This trend is known as the Agile approach, whereby software developers are also increasingly involved in testing. Tools are being introduced to allow a more integrated approach in the development cycle.

Big data

Big data is a developing niche in which there is a need to analyse big sets of data and evaluate information for better future decision making. This is particularly important in a consumer-driven world.

Software testing trends to look out for in the next 12 months

We are living in a digital era; therefore, it is no surprises that technology, and software in particular, is constantly evolving. Software testing plays a pinnacle role in the end product that customers utilise today, meaning that keeping up to date with the latest software languages and technology skills is extremely important.

virus bug

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Testing is becoming more automated and companies will see the value of test automation, particularly with the easy availability of open source software tools such as SoapUI. These tools will enable testers to build tough and effective testing environments, which it is thought will be a necessity over the next few years.

What are the key trends over the coming year?

Mobile applications

Mobile technology is on the rise and apps are being developed not only for gaming but also for almost every purpose, including for health benefits. According to the Daily Mail, mobile applications are now being used to treat serious health problems and are being embraced as the latest technology to contribute towards more efficient healthcare in the years to come.

This will significantly increase demand for mobile application testers as the need for compatibility testing on all devices grows.

Crowdsourced software testing

More web and development software companies are outsourcing their testing to a crowdsourced software testing service, which can quickly bring together experienced software testers from all over the world. Organisations such as https://www.bugfinders.com/true-crowdsourced-testing/ can offer a professional testing community of widespread software testers at a fraction of the cost of creating an in-house software testing environment.

The advantage of outsourcing is that apps and software can be released quickly, having been thoroughly tested by professionals who are geographically diverse and available at short notice.

Agile approach

To speed up the delivery of the end product, more software organisations are creating collaborated development environments and bringing together testers and developers. This trend is known as the Agile approach, whereby software developers are also increasingly involved in testing. Tools are being introduced to allow a more integrated approach in the development cycle.

Big data

Big data is a developing niche in which there is a need to analyse big sets of data and evaluate information for better future decision making. This is particularly important in a consumer-driven world.

Methods of Gold Finishing

Gold has been a precious metal since ages; it has been a favourite of many kings, princes, and queens. The world may have undergone sea change, but the want and love for gold has hardly been replaced by any other metal. It is a metal that can be used on all occasions and in the present times, is something that most people can afford as well.

The demand for gold has never dimmed, on the contrary, it has reached unimagined heights and that has lead to production of greater quantities of gold. It is now being considered as a very good alternative for big time investments as well, because its value never declines. Raw gold is not something that people buy, generally; hence it needs to be made presentable.

After gold is extracted, it needs to be refined and polished and then finished before hitting the markets. Now, there are various methods that are practised to give that perfect finishing. They are plating, N.B.Gilding, rolled gold, enamelling, and laser soldering. No matter what type of gold you purchase, it is important you buy it from reliable source like Birch Gold Group, which has been in the international market since 2003 and has its headquarters in California. This company has been able to earn an excellent reputation because of the kind of quality product they sell. They also help clients convert their 401k to physical gold.

The plating process is the one in which the metal is given a coat of brightly coloured plating which results in the change of the metals appearance. When coated with a plating of rhodium it is changed into a whitish coloured metal from the original yellowish colour. This is becoming very popular in the present times especially in the form of wedding bands. Any white gold has a small percentage of yellow colours in it and so to keep it more on the whiter side the plating of rhodium is applied.

Rhodium and the N.B. gilding are the most commonly used forms of plating used by renowned gold sellers. Birch Gold Group is one dealer of gold which houses not only the best quality products for investment but also the best experienced professionals to assist the common man. They even claim to be specialists in Precious metal IRAs.

In the roiled gold type of finishing, a super shiny, thin gold sheet is placed on the otherwise not so attractive piece of metal to give it that extra lustre and agreeable look. For those pieces of gold that have been thus finished, a label is attached to them saying R.G.P. or rolled gold plating.

The process of enamelling can be done in two ways – the hard and the cold. In the hard process, special powered glass is fused with the metal, while the cold one involves the painting of an enamel coat onto the metal. Most jewellery that is made now, using this technique uses the cold method.

Irrespective of the metal of finishing, gold is a precious metal that was, is and will be one of the most sought after among all metals.

Stem Cell- what makes it a significant element in a human body?

Medical science over the years has been able to come up with various inventions, which is actually a remarkable achievement for the people working behind. The experiments have been done, with every parts of human body. Be it cancer or any serious threat which humans faces, an advance platform for treatment is already prepared, which will cure every type of damage which the body has incurred.

Actually stem cells, are quite immature and are not properly developed cells of the human body, which in turn have the potential to manipulate into different other types of cells. The research work for this particular element is extensive. Now, the question is that will this research be an advantageous one for the human lives? Of course it will be, but everything happens to have a flip side. The article over here will deal with the advantages and disadvantages of stem cells research.

Advantages of Stem cells research

  • Great benefits in the medical groundAccording to Alex Potoczak, Stem cells are of a great use in the medical platform. It has been proven that this type of cell is beneficial for therapeutic cloning and even in treating chronic illness. It is a great stepping stone into the advancement of regenerative medicine.
  • Better knowledge on human growth This particular research has shown a very positive result in knowing the various bodily function of a human being. This is important for various medical processes and even helps to fight with degenerative illness.
  • A key for reverse aging Stem cells are the key for reverse aging. Due to the stem cells, there can be various organs in the body which can be reviewed with the help of stem cells.
  • Helps in curing defects to unborn– A proper stem cell research will help in curing defects to unborn. The effects of these cells on embryos can change the way the birth defects are treated.

Well, this was the highlights of the benefits that stem cell can provide and a proper research foundation can actually help in curing various elements in the body. Now, it’s time to look on the flip side of stem cells, which have certain disadvantages

The Risks Involved in the Research

  • Great deal of uncertainties- The research has various uncertainties and is even quite risky. Though the medical has improved still more innovative and progressive experimentation is needed to conduct this research.
  • Can cause unknown side effects- It is still under a research process and the long term effects are not known. Therefore it is presumed that it can have side effects which will damage various bodily functions.
  • It perpetuates cloning of Humans- Cloning is the process of making an exact genetic copy of a living organism. The research on stem cells also aids the research into human cloning. This cloning process has come with various negative benefits.

The experimentation on stem cell research will continue for further growth. At this time it might not be too certain but Alex Potoczak believes that in the near future the work on stem cell research will be vast and can come up with some beneficial result for solving various biological issues faced by humans.

Know The Right Way of Eating Eggs

Eggs have been an important part of a diet for human beings since time immemorial. Some people have in fact even taken to being just ‘eggetarians’. However, not everybody knows the actual nutritional benefits of eggs and what is the proper way of consuming them. Geoffrey Morell, an acclaimed naturopath and nutritionist shares the benefits of consuming pasture-raised Eggs. He claims that due to the raised concerns over the eggs which are market-produced, a considerable number of poultry manufacturers have resorted to raising their chickens in a pasture.

In his blog, Geoffrey Morell states that the caged hens are generally nutrition-deficient. They have lesser levels of Vitamin E and Omega-3 compulsory for their own nourishment. That being said, pasture-raised chickens flourish on nutrient-rich produces as they are free to eat all available grain, grass, insects, and worms in the essential ecology of the farm they are raised in. Therefore, the eggs produced by pasture-raised chickens end up containing twice the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, thrice the amount of Vitamin E, four times the amount of Vitamin D, 25 percent less saturated fat, 20 percent less cholesterol, and seven times the amount of beta-carotene.

Another disadvantage of using caged hens is that the eggs laid by them are harmful to the human body as these hens are mostly treated by antibiotics and other supplements.

An egg is generally divided into three parts – the shell, the white, and the yolk. All the essential nutrients in an egg are in the yolk, but a lot of people still claim on buying and consuming only the egg whites. Below are some of the benefits of the egg yolk that you need to know before you decide to throw it away the next time:

  • Egg yolks are full of necessary vitamins and minerals such Vitamin A, D, E, B1, B6, B9, and B12, all of which are not even present in egg whites. Also, the egg whites of three eggs have only 1.2mg of Choline as compared to 348mg present in the egg yolk of three eggs. Choline is an important nutrient which assists in regulating cardiovascular functions. Egg yolks are also rich in Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, and Zinc which are again absent in the egg whites.
  • Vitamin D present in egg yolks is particularly beneficial for patients with diabetes as these patients often suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Egg yolks are rich in phospholipid which is a type of fat important for the construction of cell membranes. Egg phospholipids are also good for Cardiovascular and Metabolic health along with Memory and cognitive function.
  • Most egg related allergies are a result of egg whites and egg yolks.

Geoffrey Morell is the co-founder of Weston A. Price Foundation, a foundation which was established in 1999 by Sally Fallon Morell, and nutritionist Mary G. Enig, Ph.D. The foundation was established based on the researches of Dr. Weston A. Price who was a renowned dentist and whose theories on physical health, nutrition, and dental health are popular till date.

How Manufactured Stem Cells Herald New Advancements in Clinical Trials

Stem cell research holds out real hope for people with life-limiting illnesses and other conditions. But it’s been held back until recently, by the difficulty of obtaining stem cells, and in the US by prohibitions against obtaining these from some human sources.


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Now the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has reported on a clinical-quality line of stem cells which have been manufactured by researchers supported by NIH.

The process begins with human umbilical cord cells, but they’re “developed backwards” until they are at the stage where they can potentially develop into any human cell. The cells can then be manufactured.

Research Now Free from Previous Constraints

This is a major development. US researchers now have access to clinical-quality stem cells that haven’t been taken directly from human sources, freeing them from restrictions on their research. A dedicated contract research organization such as gandlscientific.com can now proceed to carry out stem cell research on many diseases, and cell-based treatments can also be developed.

Clinical Quality Stem Cells for Trials and Treatments

And unlike stem cells made in a lab, these clinical-quality stem cells can be used for clinical trials and even treatments in human beings. This cell line was developed under a strict protocol for stem cell batches, enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This ensures that every batch that is manufactured, meets the safety and quality standards that are essential for clinical applications.< (SCTL) is funded by the US Common Fund. This is a fund which runs programmes designed to look at gaps in biomedical research that can’t be addressed by any single NIH body. It aims to take away the barriers that are at present stopping the therapeutic uses of stem cells. This includes setting up the carefully defined processes that are require to develop these patient-specific stem cells so that they can safely be used in clinical settings.

The applications within the scope of this technology are potentially life-changing for patients. Using insulin-producing cells, diabetes has been reversed in mice. Spinal cord injuries in mice have been overcome and limb function regained. Breakthroughs in medicine are frequently trumpeted, but disappointment follows. For once, this really could be the beginning of the next big advance in medicine.

Why Did Cardinal Spirits Start a Distillery?

As a new era is truly beginning, life today is much different from in the past. Especially due to our technology driven future, today most people look toward the future instead of the past. As technology changes our world every single day, we depend on email, mobile phones, online social networking and instant messaging. Today, the world is always on the edge of dramatic innovation and it even affects alcohol producing and manufacturing.

Purchasing the Premium Spirits.

New trends in the business of spirits relate to these larger themes. The first new alteration that comes to one’s mind is that the corner store is not only the only place where you can buy liqueurs or any other beverages. Because you can browse the internet, you can purchase alcohol from a spirits company. In a restaurant you randomly might order any alcohol and then decide that you want more. So you contact the spirits company directly, because on the back label its email address written and if it is not, then one do not have to worry. You can easily Google the manufacturing company’s name and ask them to send you few bottles, bypassing both the wholesaler and the corner store and who sells alcohol to the owner. The way goods are distributed is changing in other words. As transportation technologies develop, buying direct from manufacturers will probably be more efficient and accelerate as cheaper.

Cardinal Spirits started a distillery to increase the bonding and connections between people. Spirits make it easier to talk to friends, strangers and family alike. It is usually a great way to celebrate big moments in life and to have difficult conversations and discussions over a drink. Adam Quirk, the co-founder of a spirits distillery, which is opening in Bloomington in 2014, believes that one has to increase the ease of social communication in order to increase connections between people which is Spirits- the actual Internet.

After the bulk of manufacturing jobs already left the country, Cardinal Spirits grew up. Over the past few decades, they focused on commercialism, comfort and convenience and hence they have all become less and less active with their hands. This is exactly what they crave- being able to hold something in their hands and claim that they have made this from scratch and it is simply amazing. They aimed at creating a business that puts individuals over profits. They also wanted to build a place where days are meaningful and fulfilling, where people enjoy coming to work and where proper value is given for creativity. Equally comfortable in big city and deep woods, Adam Quirk is also referred to as a modern caveman philosopher and he loves having cocktails with friends and enjoys storytelling.

Redeveloping local culture is once again a feasible model as now almost every state in the U.S. make liqueur. While some states have been doing it the longest, others are finding their way toward excellence and competence. In the near future, new varieties of liqueur is likely to emerge, especially as spirits and distillery companies thrive with new members looking for unique and new wines.

Thus, one thing is for sure. It will be the pace of change itself and not any types of alcohol beverages that will be making our heads spin in the future.

How Portfolio Management Helps in Mitigating the Risks Within a Business?

Risks which cannot be identified can never be assessed in true sense. And it makes complete sense in finding a man scrutinizing an environment which is alien to him, than who is familiar to the similar type of environment. It is also very clear that it is the experience of the individuals that determine the amount of risk that can be tolerated by the same. Same happens with the organizations as well.

While an organization is completely dependent on a particular project manager to identify the risks that are associated with the few projects at a point of time, there is no single way to take, that will ensure all the risks to be identified efficiently. It is true that organizations who have taken the decision to make the portfolio management have been quite successful in having time management, resource management and assessing the budget for a particular project.

Since all these advancements are individual achievements for the business on their own, any organization that makes the decision evaluating the data represented by these can easily mitigate with the risks that are involved in it.

According to Jay Blackmore, nothing goes wrong with this scenario at all. It is indeed an accepted part of the business and the sooner one agrees with it, the faster he puts the first step towards success. It is true, that larger the size of the business, the greater is the value that is at stake, and hence, more is the risk inherent with it. hence, the preconceived notion that risk is a completely negative situation and needs to be avoided at all levels is a complete farce since there’s been no business till date which has been successful in investing without taking the calculated risks within.

The identification of the potential risk in the portfolio management system, is of due importance to a risk assessment process which is proactive in most of the concerns. It opens up the avenues and gives the opportunity to indicate and draw the information to identify the risk and mitigate them before they have their adverse effect on the company. The most often taken routes for identifying the risks are mentioned henceforth.

  • The statement given to assess the risk is a mere outline of the state affairs that attributes the conditions which only the project members can feel to make some adverse effect on the project in due course of time.
  • The risk assessment statement presented, can also articulate the possibilities of the negative consequences that the undesirable attributes might have over any particular project or even at times on the entire concern.
  • The two part formulation process that the risk assessment statement provides has got the advantage of coupling up the idea of consequences of the risks with the potentially controllable risk conditions.

Jay Blackmore, who has been dealing with it for decades together, believes that until and unless the risks can be ascertained, the strategies to mitigate them cannot be chalked out. As a result of it most of the businesses try to go through the project portfolio management system so that the best projects can be focused and the underperforming ones can be outlined once and for all.

Taxation Specialists That Care!

Many people look for credible tax help especially when they are confused and do not know what to do. Gone are the days when people considered getting tax help a myth. Thanks to the advent of credible and trusted tax help companies, people in the USA are now able to get the accurate tax remedy that they deserve.

If you are based in Vero Beach and looking for credible tax specialists, Omni Financial is the place to visit. This reputed Company has some of the best taxation experts in the nation and they are committed to helping their clients round the clock. The Omni Financial Vero Beach team has helped many people bounce back onto their feet. The professionals here are skilled and they have several years of credible experience under their belts when it comes to tax matters.

When you have a tax issue, you will find that there are tax resolution products that are available for you in the market. Since you are not sure as to which one will work for you, the specialists here at Omni Financial will do the needful for you. They will check into your requirements and ensure that you receive a tax resolution product that will ensure you receive the best when it comes to your well bring and interests.

There are some business houses that have established their operations but they do not have a full time tax professional to help them with their tax related matters. It is here that the dedicated team of Omni Financial step in to help. The experts here say that the needs of two companies or in that two individuals are not the same. This is why they listen to their clients in detail and ascertain what their expectations and needs are. If they are in a tax issue, it is the onus of the team to delve deeper and find out the best tax resolution product that will suit the needs of its client.

Besides helping the client, the professionals here ensure that the client is aware and educated on the different kinds of tax resolution products that are available in the market. In this manner, it is very simple and practical for the individual and business to carry out what is necessary. Unlike others the expert team here are not focused on their profits. They are inclined to the personal interests and needs of their clients both in the short and long run.

The Omni Financial Vero Beach team is one of the most trusted in the USA today. Clients who have used their services state that it is very important for people to understand their taxation matters. Education in this direction is indeed the need of the day. The experts who manage taxation issues of their clients also state that it is very important for you to ensure that you get the best for your interests and well being even if you are indebted to the IRS and have to pay pending dues- the experts will examine your case and give you the best solutions round-the-clock!



Why’s & What’s of Finding a Reliable Investment Company

Every entrepreneur comes to stand at a point where the choice is between acquiring capital from somewhere or let go of the business. As a business person, you need to know that right amount of funding at the right time can make a huge difference in going forward and wrapping up the venture. If you explore different surveys, you will get to know that cash flow is the primary concern for most of the small scale business owner. This is the reason, if you are planning to start something of your own or have already started running your own venture, you must think of arranging for cash at the time of need.

The concern shows the priority of any business owner’s life. Capital is easy to acquire that you think. However, you need to know which source of capital earning best suits your purpose and your vision. Choosing a wrong investor can cost your business a lot. This is the reason, you need to invest some time choosing your investors. Spectrum Business Ventures has been helping startups and large scale businesses get their required capital in the time of need. You can get in touch with the company if you are looking for an investor who will offer support to your business.

So, the question here is how you would find the right investment company for your business. What are the qualities of a good investor? It is important that you do some research. The more information you acquire the better chance you have of making the right decision.

Before you come to a decision, you must understand that there are different investment options available for the business owners to acquire. Choosing the right one is the most difficult task any business owner can face. Keeping aside your business requirement, you first need to gather ample knowledge of the market. It important that you know what product will sale to which people. Additionally, you must have the sense of timing. Sometimes even the best product fail to get customers due to bad timing.

There are companies that are created to fund the startup businesses. These companies are called capital venture company. Such companies usually fund the startup companies that come with the potential of growth. Amit Raizada the CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures has funded numerous startup companies that have potential to grow properly.

Amit being a natural born strategist, have vast experience in helping the startups. He has seen that people in their haste to get capital to fund business, forget the basic fact. They forget the investment requirement. It is important to remember that different individual has different business need. Therefore, they have different investment need as well. Understand this, Amit says, before you approach the investors.

An Important Fact to Remember

If you are looking for capital for your business, you must find an investor. However, do you know the potential of your business? A thorough market research will be able to save you from lot of future problems. Get to know the market before exploring it.








Workplace strategy – How to create the right impression at first sight

First meetings have lasting impact – nothing can be more true than this statement. When you meet someone for the first time, in personal life or in your profession, the feelings and experience that stem from the first looks have almost a lifelong impact. Opinions that are hard to remove from your mind are formed almost instantly. Therefore, you must be well prepared for your first meeting with someone, so that you create the right impressions in the mind of the other person just within a few seconds of exchanging glances. The experience is very similar to viewing a website for the first time when the viewer likes or dislikes it almost instantly. The ideas or impressions that are formed are based on appearance and personality of people, the way they walk and talk and even sit across the table.

Marty Hale, the eminent Management Consultant who has a proven track record of contributing to the success of several companies and professionals, emphasizes the importance of presenting yourself in the most appropriate manner in front of business partners, colleagues and employers for the first time. His tips are based on real life experiences and can come handy for professionals who want to break the ice with confidence in the first meeting. He can tell you how you to refine your personality and body language to set the tone and tenor of the meeting in a way so that your acceptability level is enhanced and you secure the initial advantage.

Be demonstrative

Since it is the first meeting, everything that you do will be closely scrutinized by the other party. Show what you are instead of telling people about it. That you are a disciplined person can be demonstrated by turning up for the meeting ahead of time. Your punctuality would mean that you respect the other person, too and have attached due importance to the meeting. Turning up late and trying to justify it with reasons will show you in poor light.

Early to bed and early to rise

If it is your first day at work, besides being punctual you need to demonstrate the right spirit that shows your eagerness to attend work. Your cordial behavior and openness should touch others so that they do not hesitate to allow you to get closer to them. In order to be in high spirits, avoid late nights so that you can have good sleep that is so essential to keep you healthy and smiling.

Communicate with confidence

It is not necessary that you have to talk too much to impress the other person, but talk in a measured way so that it gives a feeling that your words are backed by sound thinking. Pay attention to what is being told as good listening is part of effective communication. It leads to better understanding of the situation.

These are only a few things that can impress the other person when you are meeting for the first time, feels Marty Hale. But never should you forget to have a positive attitude that exudes confidence.



Fuel Yourself And Your Vehicles Easily

While you are driving, you always prefer to stop by at a place where you can take rest while fueling your vehicles. Don’t you wish to stop by at a gas station wherein you can suffice your taste buds along with fuelling your vehicles? Have you ever heard a term of hybrid retail concept? When one hears about fuel/gas station, usually they picture a small place where you just refuel your vehicles. However, when it comes to the desires of travelers, they wish to get a place where they can find everything related to their requirements. People are inclined towards innovative things. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the companies to come forward and innovate.

Petroleum wholesale is such a gas station which started its business with two stations and grown exponentially with it is a hybrid retail concept wherein it included multiple items for the travelers who pay visit to this gas station. What all you can get are – discount groceries, auto parts, premium cigars, fast food and obviously fuel.

Excellence in what is provided:

What are the secrets of success in the market? There are many people who do not understand how some companies reach to the pinnacle of success and why some others fail. The only thing that most of the successful business owners follow to achieve success is hard work. In case of Petroleum Wholesale, this one has understood the mantra of success. It started its business operations in 1971 with only two-station jobbership in Oklahoma. Now, it has more than 200 properties and retail outlets with its new concept of hybrid retail outlets.

People have welcomed this new hybrid concept because this way they can truly reenergize themselves whenever they stop by this retail outlet. Most of the travelers need to relax during their travel so that they can avoid accidents. It is very important for the travelers to take complete rest while they are traveling to a long route. It is the excellence which drives the businesses to differentiate from others. Therefore, in services and products, excellence should be reflected.

Not only business perspective is important because philanthropy is also important when you are conducting business operations. Travelers usually prefer to stop by at a place where they can easily find out everything related to their demands and preferences. In case of Petroleum Wholesale, this agency is involved in several philanthropy works. The team have started a special division of animal rescue and adaptation. Moreover, this business is actively contributing in multiple charitable activities in the society development.

When a business understands and accepts its business responsibility, it certainly works towards the overall society development. It is very important that businesses always consider their corporate social responsibility so that they can follow the stringent guidelines of conducting their business operations. With this new hybrid retail concept, travelers are very much happy to get whatever they want to make their travel experience joyful. All they need to do is first search for this new hybrid gas station so that they can easily stop by this gas station during their journey.






How Information Technology Helps in the Hospitality Industry

Conventionally, hotels were largely dependent on paperwork and cards at the front desk to keep in touch with current and old customers. They were largely at the mercy of the desires of tourists and vacationers to arrive or sometimes resulted in long droughts of occupancy. Thanks to advances in information technology that, such old-fashioned methods and inconvenience have long since passed.

Billing is the first area in which information technology became significant. Paper-based old fashioned book-keeping was not able to quickly tell a hotel owner what the condition of their hotel was as it was inefficient and time consuming. Luckily, advances in keeping of modern record, allow a hotel owner to keep track of how much of it they have on hand, what they have and how much it costs. Although accounting is complex, advanced accounting software, especially which catered to the personal and unique needs of the hospitality and hotel industry, helps to enable hotel owners to make fast and smart decisions. Products and services that are no longer used can be quickly cut off to save money, while those who show demand can be modified or increased in quantity so as to lessen the heavy usage.

Chief Executive Director and President of, PPHG or Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Mr. Patrick Imbardelli has 30 years of professional experience toward his current role. Possessing a hold and command over the hospitality industry, and driven by results to achieve substantial growth, Patrick Imbardelli is instrumental to developing unique and diverse plans and strategies.

Most hotels are accustomed with reservations and booking rooms over the phone, but today, information technology has expanded further than that. With no need to employ expensive staff, hotels can now work with various online booking services and travel companies to have their rooms booked online. Instead of wasting lots of money advertising in an unfocused manner, this also allows a hotel to advertise their special deals and open rooms directly to persons who would be most likely to purchase them. In order to allow a hotel to better maximize occupancy, superior quality information technology allows for better management of bookings and arrangement and to know in advance when lean times or large groups are approaching. This allows a hotel manager to make plans regarding good times to expand or renovate, temporary staff or other related concerns, because the customer or traveler can determine the state of their hotel for the next few months and even currently with only a few clicks on the computer.

In the travel and hospitality sector, Patrick Imbardelli’s wide-ranging experience includes positions at all levels of professional growth and development. Patrick Imbardelli’s gradual rise from Manager at a Restaurant in Hilton International to Chief Executive Director and President of a multinational hotel company PPHG, is indicative of his devotion to professional excellence. Patrick Imbardelli’s experience in marketing, operations, team building, management, diversification and acquisitions have resulted in a well-rounded, strong approach to leading.

Thus, the unique nature of the hospitality and hotel industry makes it a great place for emerging and new information technology, and advanced-thinking hotel managers and owners are always looking for smart software and equipment to invest in.